With the floods barely at the back of our minds, the whole island experienced a sweet, sweet bout of cool weather — the mercury dipped to as low as 21.2°C, the lowest recorded temperature in the country since 2016. We’re experiencing cooler, wet weather this month – but that doesn't mean it's time to break out the turtleneck sweaters and faux fur coat. The storm dropped up to 2 feet (24 in; 61 cm) of snow in the Mid-Atlantic states, New England, and Atlantic Canada, while areas as far south as southern Georgia and far northern Florida had brief wintry … 10 cold weather breaks from Singapore this summer. Winter is coming. The average temperature is between 25 degrees Celsius and 31 degrees Celsius. 7th June 2018 by Jayme Chong 5 Min Read. The Year in Review – 2018 (published on 15 Jan 2019) 2018 Climate and Weather: The Year in Review 2018 saw a continuation of above-average temperatures over Singapore, with the year recording a mean annual temperature of 27.9°C. You can view the weather statistics for all the month, but also by using the tabs for the beginning, the middle and the end of the month. By: AndrewT January 04, 2018 Winter is coming. Frosty fun times, Jan 10 – 14 Photo: Jun Seita / Flickr. And for most of the country it. Depending on how cold the weather dips, people often trade off 20-minute shifts when doing work outside, according to news reports. Between Dec. 26 and Jan. 6, temperatures in Chicago remained below 20 degrees, a 12-day cold snap rivaled only twice, in the winters of 1936 and 1895, according to the National Weather Service. The weather in Singapore in the month of january comes from statistical datas on the past years. April is the warmest month, January is the … It’s the hottest cold-weather term at the moment, probably because it … Relative humidity is in the range of 70% – 80%. AD. And for most of the country it's already here with an estimated 90 percent of the United States at or below freezing temperatures to start the New Year. Due to its geographical location and maritime exposure, Singapore’s climate is characterised by uniform temperature and pressure, high humidity and abundant rainfall. The January 2018 North American blizzard was a powerful cyclonic blizzard that caused severe disruption along the East Coast of the United States and Canada in early January 2018. If you’re feeling abnormally chilly lately, go ahead and blame the bomb cyclone. Freezing Cold Weather and Your ATV. The warmer months of June and July are on the doorstep, and temperatures are set to rise across the northern hemisphere – including in Singapore! AD. But who says you can't ride in the cold? Jan. 17, 2018 at 3:34 a.m. UTC. This is 0.4°C higher than the 1981-2010 Home » Travel » Asia » 10 cold weather breaks from Singapore this summer. Thunderstorms occur on 40% of all days. Weather in Singapore in january 2022. It was cold enough to prompt a kind restaurant owner to purchase and distribute blankets to the homeless when … US Dept of Commerce National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration National Weather Service Albany, NY 251 Fuller Road Suite B-300 Albany, NY 12203